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We are a eco-friendly delivery business specialising in shipping of art, antiques, fragile goods and IT equipment across the globe. With a wealth of experience in international shipping, customs clearance, documentation, and a dedication to reducing our ecological impact, we are the prime choice for anyone looking for fine art shippers in London. We always strive to use the most sustainable packing and shipping options, with a range of bio-degradable and recycled materials, as well as offering CO2 offsetting options. The safety of your fragile items comes first, but why compromise if you don't have to?




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An eco-friendly solution to your delivery problems


We also provide a local eco-friendly courier service in London, utilising electric vans, and electric cargo bikes to facilitate secure, timely, and green deliveries across the capital. More and more businesses and individuals in London are seeking more sustainable ways to deliver items, and our sustainable courier service meets those needs. You can find out more about our local eco-friendly deliveries here.






International Packing and ShippinG

By taking care of every aspect of the packing and delivery, we can ensure sustainable materials are used, and that the item will be packed to a high level of security, preventing damage in transit, and ensuring a smooth, trouble-free delivery process. Our fine art shippers have a wealth of experience in overseas delivery, packaging delicate items, and facilitating seamless transit for all shipments.



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As fine art shippers we provide the complete service as required, including collection, packing, documentation, and full transportation.

Art & Antiques Shipping 


Music equipment all boxed up and in van for shipping



Whether you intend to ship IT equipment or specialist mechanical or medical equipment overseas, we will look after the whole process.


Equipment Shipping  




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Eco-friendly shipping and delivery

For all international shipping we use a carbon offset scheme to minimise the impact on the environment of our work. For the shipment of small items locally in London, we carry out our deliveries with bikes, electric bikes and cargo bikes. For the shipment of larger items locally we offer deliveries with our electric vans. For other UK and International shipments, we offer carbon offset solutions and plastic-free packaging to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum.



As fine art shippers in London, we are completely transparent about our packing and shipping methods. If it is not possible to use only plastic-free products for a specific shipment, we will let you know and find the best alternative solution, keeping our environmental impact minimal.



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Our optional Special Protection covers any shipments that are packed and dispatched by us and protects the value of your consignment in the event of loss or damage subject to certain conditions. Once you are covered by our Special Protection, if your item is lost whilst in our care, we will pay you the agreed market value of the goods as detailed on the consignment documentation.

In the unlikely event that your item is damaged whilst in our care, we will pay you the reasonable cost of repair up to the amount confirmed and declared on the Prime Lane consignment note. There are no excesses payable in Prime Lane Special Protection cover, giving you complete peace of mind. It is also important to remember that our Special Protection is for physical loss or damage and does not include consequential loss.



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Why PrimeLane

  • We are passionate about providing quality service with the lowest possible emissions
  • We offer a full door-to-door service, with tracking and insurance available
  • We offer green packing, green delivery options and CO2 offsetting for deliveries locally and around the world
  • We provide local deliveries through eco-friendly transportation methods





As fine art shippers, we offer a service that is both responsible and responsive, ecological and economical, to clients locally and internationally.

Get in touch with us to book eco-friendly delivery – call 07875 749913, or fill out our contact form here.

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