Why being carbon neutral is important

Reducing the threat of climate change for future generations

Climate change may seem a long way away. Many people feel that worrying about 2050 or 2100 is unnecessary considering the threats that are present to us in the here and now. Others are sceptical of the threat, despite recent weather events and record temperatures both locally and globally. A change of 1.5 degrees seems small. What many people do not appreciate is that the change does not stop there.



A cumulative threat

If temperatures rise by 2 degrees a century (which is a conservative estimate given current trends), this will render vast areas of the globe uninhabitable within a few generations. And the earth's temperature will probably continue to rise from there unless drastic action is taken now. The risks of increased desertification, catastrophic weather events, affect us all. Sea level rises are especially hard to predict, but a collapse in ice sheets could be disastrous. Likewise changes to ocean currents such as a breakdown of the Gulf Stream, could cause immense disruption to the lifestyle of Western Europe, which has taken for granted its mild and maritime climate for millennia.


Here at Prime Lane, we have noticed a lack of options for businesses looking for eco-friendly and carbon neutral delivery in London especially. We are likewise passionate about the environment and share the concerns of many that this issue needs to be addressed with responsible and long-term solutions, and that we shouldn't rely on governments and big businesses to lead the way. Every business, large or small, should do its bit.


“The UK is committed to reaching net zero by 2050. This means that the total greenhouse gas emissions would be equal to the emissions removed from the atmosphere, with the aim of limiting global warming and resultant climate change.”


The UK government has long stated its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Whether it is sincere on these ambitions, or whether they are achievable at the rate of current progress is a matter for debate. However, there are many grants and loans available to businesses that take up this initiative, and can demonstrate their decarbonising credentials to the bodies who grant financial support. For this reason it makes both financial and ethical sense to work towards a greener and cleaner future.

We can help you show your deliveries and logistical operations are carbon neutral, enabling your business to uphold its carbon zero commitments. If you want to know more about our commitment to Net Zero, email us on enquiries@primelane.co.uk.